Benefits For Nutritional Cleansing

It’s a well-known fact that Isagenix doesn’t make claims it can’t substantiate with facts. Even if we know our ingredients are beneficial on their own, we have everything tested to reinforce that relationship between your health, diet, and nutrition. This attention to detail puts Isagenix in a league of its own, but it also enables new evidence and health benefits to come to light to further reiterate what we believe our products offer.

Because we want our customers to believe in our products as much as we do, we partner with well-respected laboratories and universities for clinical studies. Not only does this benefit scientists – to find out how specific ingredients and people work – but it also helps us to back up our nutritional components with well-documented research. The result is that we can say, with hand on heart, that our Isagenix systems are clinically proven to benefit those looking to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This is something that very few dietary supplement manufacturers and brands can say.

A large part of our Isagenix programmes is cleansing, also known as fasting, with IsaLean meal replacement shakes. Not only are these shakes delicious and help to lower your caloric intake for the day to aid in weight loss, but there’s also another reason why they’re beneficial. New evidence has come to light to suggest that intermittent fasting, such as that completed within our programmes, can improve your cognitive function and brain health as we age. While many people use fasting as a way in which to lose weight in the short-term, it’s actually a useful habit to carry through into the long-term.

Such was proven during a study completed in Colorado, with results being released during Obesity Week. Twenty-six obese people were divided into two groups, with 13 being asked to fast every second day with no calorie restrictions on their regular eating day, and the other 13 following a conventional weight loss diet.

In eight weeks, both groups lost nearly the same amount of weight, with more being lost by the group who were fasting in double that time period. The group who fasted also had better cognitive function, with increased visceral fat loss as well. It’s not 100 percent known why this is the case, but it’s believed that fasting can cause better metabolic conditions with flexibility between carbs and fat for energy, and less leptin resistance.

While this evidence is preliminary, it does show there’s a very high chance that fasting long-term and even short-term is very beneficial for removing visceral fat while increasing brain health and cognitive function at the same time.

Isagenix benefits don’t end with weight loss, either. Each ingredient Isagenix uses in their products is tested for effectiveness, while ensuring the benefits are profound when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Several studies have been conducted on the efficacy of our products, including protein-pacing and multi-component exercise training being proven to improve physical performance in women and multi-modal exercise training and protein-pacing to be beneficial for men.

Studies even found our anti-ageing supplements were beneficial, with studies showing plant-based nutraceuticals increase plasma catalase activity in ordinary users.

The proof is in the pudding. Isagenix makes no claims it can’t back up with research, and by following the recommended guidelines with each product, you’re sure to notice a substantial difference in your health and wellbeing.

However, the key to success is to be patient. Improving your levels of health is not something that can be completed overnight, nor is Isagenix the key to success. While it lends a helping hand and provides substantial health benefits, it’s not a quick fix. Isagenix products should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, and this can ensure you receive all the health benefits proven in our clinical studies.

Most importantly, it’s essential that you consider the benefits of using Isagenix in the long-term, rather than just in the short-term. While it’s beneficial for short-term weight loss, that weight loss needs to be sustained. We encourage all customers to try our 30-day weight loss and cleanse programmes and follow these up with premium packs or additional supplements. While Isagenix gives you the foundation you need for motivation and feelings of health to start your journey, it can help you keep up those levels of health for now and into the future, as well.