Benefits of Cleanse Days

If you are a health enthusiast, you probably know the importance of ridding your body of toxins. The most common process used today, to clean the body inside and out is detox. Most people turn to this process because they find it easier to understand, it involves, basically drinking detox teas, juices or taking supplements which act as diuretics or laxatives. The other way of ridding the body of these unwanted toxins is cleansing.

Detox versus Cleansing.

Cleansing, like detox, rids the body of toxins. Both methods involve consuming supplements, teas or juices. People who advocate for detox, in most instances, try to convince others that detoxing is a guaranteed way of weight loss. This is a myth. Detox does not aid in weight loss. While people who join these programs indeed witness some reduction in their weight, this is because of the diuretic nature of detoxing. What then is the difference between detox and cleansing? Unlike detox, cleansing has been proven to aid in weight loss. A person who relies on detoxing as a weight loss program will thus witness a smaller weight reduction than another who cleanses. While detox and cleansing products are taken for a similar purpose, the end result id most definitely different with cleansing having more benefits.

The Isagenix cleanse

Detoxes are unstable, unsustainable and are dangerous to health. This is the reasons while Isagenix products do not aim to detox, instead, they aim at cleansing. How do these work? These products facilitate the highest quality nutritional support which in turn provide the consumer with gentle digestive support and all the nutrients needed in the body. These nutrients are responsible for ridding the body of toxins.

Weight loss benefits of Isagenix cleanse.

While the nutrients in the Isagenix cleanse ensures purification of the body, they also improve weight loss and muscle gain. These products are all healthy hence the consumer is safe from the diuretic effects of detox, and the embarrassment of frequent toilet visits. The Isagenix cleanse is safe meaning that it does not have any undesirable side effects thus no long-term health problems.

How do you use these products?

Using the Isagenix cleanse is rather simple. The consumer is required to avoid taking two meals in a day and instead to take the dietary supplements provided. The consumer also takes other supplements which are provided in the package. The end result is that the consumer loses weight, gains muscle mass and cleanses the body. For these products to be effective, a consumer is required to have 30 days cleanse. Cleansing for thirty days ensures that one benefits fully from these products. Due to the time frame of the cleanse, the risk of weight loss is only short-term is reduced.

Instead of exposing your body to the numerous risk factors posed by detoxing, try the Isagenix Cleanse. This cleanse gives you the benefits of a detox and so much more. They are not only safe but are also good for your health.


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