AMPED Recover

AMPED Recover

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AMPED Recover is designed for athletes and gym-goers who experience reduced levels of energy and muscle fatigue after an intense workout session. It turns what can typically be a long recovery post-workout, into one that’s short-lasting to leave you fresh and energised for round two.

Within this 20-serving tub of raspberry lemonade flavoured food supplement lies the key to quick and easy recovery. It stimulates muscle repair and growth, contains vital recovery components such as L-Carnitine and amino acids, and reduces soreness and fatigue in the process.

Enjoy a complete fitness package when combined with E+ shots and Isagenix AMPED pre-workout powder.

What is Amped Recover?

AMPED Recover does what the name says – helps you to recover. Post-workout your body can suffer from muscle fatigue and a dramatic loss of energy. This Isagenix product can help you gain all that back in one sitting. It accelerates muscle recovery and performance, contains high-quality carbs, carotenoids for absorption, and even features Tyrosine for helping the brain to recover as well. Everything within AMPED Recover is for the benefit of your body.

How does Amped Recover by Isagenix work?

When you’re pushing yourself to the limit during your workout, your body is feeling the burn. While you’re reaching your goals and experiencing peak performance, there’s every possibility your body and brain can suffer as a result. Recover aims to turn this around. It promotes athletic performance as well as cognitive ability, all by giving your body the vital branch chain amino acids it needs for your muscles, nervous system, endurance, performance, strength, and power.

Who can benefit from this product?

If you’re an athlete who needs to be at the top of your game at every moment of your workout, this Isagenix food supplement powder is for you. The harder you push; the more vital such a product becomes. Failure to ensure your body is propped back up can result in a more extended recovery period – something for which athletes just don’t have time.

How do you use Amped Recover?

Whether you’re an athlete or you just love to work out, Recover is a suitable option for you. You can use it at any time of the day or night, but it’s exceptionally beneficial for before, during and after intense workout sessions. You can add it to a shake, or just mix it with water to experience reduced recovery time. The closer to your training time you consume AMPED Recover, the more effective it is.

Key benefits

  • Better muscular endurance and recovery with BCAAs
  • An improved mood and decreased brain fatigue post-workout with Tyrosine
  • Better health and immune function with the powerful antioxidant Beta-carotene
  • Tasty raspberry lemonade flavour

Product List

  • Raspberry Lemonade Flavor