e+ natural balanced energy shot

e+ natural balanced energy shot

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Whether you’re fighting a losing battle with fatigue or you’re looking for a natural booster to keep you at peak performance during your workout, E+ Shots are the answer.

Featuring no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours, they combine the very best healthy botanicals with caffeine, green tea and yerba mate to improve your workout performance day in, day out.  

These energy shots from Isagenix are the perfect booster for energy, refreshment and mental clarity, and you can choose to consume them at any time of the day. With just 35 calories in each shot, it’s a healthy alternative to a sugary treat.

  • Fuel your everyday and athletic activities
  • Only 35 calories per serving
  • Zero artificial colours, sweeteners, or flavors

What are E+ Shots?

Many traditional pre-workout boosters are full of caffeine. While they give you the much-needed boost you need, they don’t deliver a healthy low-stimulant boost. That’s where E+ differs. E+ Shots from Isagenix offer healthy plant-based caffeine and adaptogens, both which work towards keeping you alert and energetic in a healthy and safe way. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the gym or the office, E+ delivers.

How does it work?

Caffeine is known to keep us focused, reduce feelings of fatigue, boost power output and increase our cognitive abilities. However, with too much caffeine comes the risk of heart palpitations, jitters and general feelings of discomfort. Seeing the problem many athletes and professionals face with maintaining peak energy levels in the healthiest way possible, we now provide our consumers with a choice. E+ Shots only contain 150mg of caffeine which allows the benefits of adaptogens and other compounds to shine through. You can benefit from better focus, healthier brain chemistry and a massive boost of energy, all without the risks associated with a caffeine overload.

Who can benefit from this product?

Whether you’re sensitive to caffeine but still need a boost, or you’re an athlete or professional looking to gain a competitive edge, E+ is for you. You can increase your productivity, achieve personal bests at the gym, and benefit from a gentle energy booster that’s considered far healthier than many other caffeine-based boosters on the market.

Key benefits and effects

  • Increased cognitive abilities
  • Improved focus
  • Reduced heart and brain stress from less caffeine
  • Natural, plant-based extracts

What’s next?

If you’re ready to burpee your way to the finish line with a natural boost of energy, it’s time to buy E+ Shots. One hundred percent Vegan with no common allergens, they suit a wide range of go-getters who want to grab life with both hands, with a full tank of energy. Enjoy natural, plant-based extracts in a shot form to deliver unparalleled results all day, every day!


  • Apple Pomegranate
  • Lemon Lime
  • Raspberry