Ionix Supreme

Ionix Supreme

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When the stresses of life are impacting your body, brain, and wellbeing, you need Ionix Supreme. Available in a liquid or powder form, it’s a nutrient-rich supplement that gives your body time to recover, focus and revitalise. Ionix is made up of essential vitamins, minerals, and plant-based compounds that work by accurately targeting your levels of stress, weakness, and fatigue in one powerful supplement.

When a boost in your physical energy, mental clarity and focus is essential to get you through the day, turn to Isagenix to provide the answer.

  • Helps balance and normalise the body’s systems
  • Energises cells to support faster post-exercise recovery
  • Supports clarity and focus

What is Ionix Supreme?

Only made from proprietary botanical concentrate, Ionix Supreme is a nutrient-dense product that will give you a spring in your step, decrease your stress levels and provide you with that much-needed boost to make it through a stressful day, week or month.

Leading a taxing lifestyle can take its toll, especially on a body that’s lacking essential vitamins and minerals. This Isagenix product is packed full of scientifically-proven extracts that can help you lose weight, improve your performance, build muscle, promote health and relieve stress. It even builds up your immunity and protects your cells from free radicals.

How does it work

By consuming this product daily, you can reap the benefits of 16 superfoods that target every area of your body. All essential vitamins and minerals are packed into one supplement which means you don’t have to look elsewhere to give your body what it needs. Ginger root will provide you with relief from inflammation and pain, while Ashwagandha helps you sleep easier with powerful relaxation properties.

For men, Tribulus within Ionix works to counteract testosterone deficiency, and the ginseng and zinc will improve sleep quality while addressing stress levels.

The best part is, Ionix Supreme is vegan, entirely plant-based with fruit, vegetable, and herbal extracts, and promotes health in every part of the body.

Who can this product benefit?

Whether the stresses of life are affecting your health and wellbeing, or you’re feeling exhausted due to nutritional deficiencies, Ionix is for you. Because it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals courtesy of plant extracts, it can provide total health and wellbeing for your organs, muscles, and brain.

Key benefits and effects

  • Antioxidants for combatting diseases
  • Benefits your brain, organs, and muscles
  • Packed full of vitamins and minerals for overall health
  • Reduces stress and improves sleep quality
  • Combats nutritional deficiencies
  • Available as either a 946mL liquid bottle or a 240g tub of powder

Get Ionix Supreme today

Ionix Supreme from Isagenix is a health-promoting supplement that aims to increase and enhance your digestive and immune systems while improving your stress levels, sleep quality and health at the same time. Featuring the best compounds nature has to offer, Ionix will allow you to experience unique health benefits.


  • Liquid
  • Powder