IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free

IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free

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If you find yourself snacking throughout the day on high-sugar, high-fat food that only offers empty calories, you need plant based, dairy-free IsaLean Bars. Produced by Isagenix, these bars, available in three delicious flavours, are perfect for busy professionals and athletes who need a boost both in energy and nutritional content.

They help you lose weight, burn off your energy slower, and are packed full of protein and fibre to benefit your health and wellbeing.

Choose from chocolate berry bliss, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate coconut almond, and reap the benefits of a vegan, dairy-free bar that can help you tackle your day head-on.

What can IsaLean Bars do for me?

IsaLean Bars can do everything a traditional muesli bar aims to do, but can’t. Unlike most conventional snack bars and muesli bars, IsaLean Bars offer 19 grams of protein from pea and brown rice, as well as eight grams of fibre. These benefits, coupled with the carbohydrates and healthy fats enable your body to get all it needs nutrient-wise while helping you lose weight and providing you with the burst of energy you need for work or play.

For many years, people have been adding muesli bars to their diet to get that feeling of health and vitality. However, many of these muesli bars turn out to be no better than chocolate bars. They are filled with sugar, fat, and very few nutritional components you believe you’re adding to your diet. By swapping a chocolate bar for a muesli bar, you are not much better ahead.

How can they benefit my performance?

Whether you need a boost of energy before you go to the gym, or you’re wanting to hit the ground running at work, IsaLean Bars from Isagenix can help. They are high in protein, high in fibre, and are exceptionally satiating as well. Filling you up for longer, they’re able to curb the cravings for sweet treats and other unhealthy foods that you often turn to, to make it through until lunch or dinner time. By choosing IsaLean instead, you’re on the fast track to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Key effects and benefits

  • Satiates you for longer than standard muesli or snack bars
  • Dairy-free and vegan
  • Improves your digestive health, blood sugar levels, and metabolism
  • High in fibre and protein
  • Offers an energy boost

When should I consume IsaLean bars?

Whenever you’re looking to satisfy your hunger or get a much-needed boost, it’s time to consume an IsaLean Bar! At any time of the day, IsaLean bars will be beneficial. You can use them as a nutritional aid, a snack, or a pick-me-up before, during or after a high-intensity exercise session.


  • Dairy-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Dairy-Free Chocolate Berry Bliss
  • Dairy-Free Chocolate Coconut Almond