IsaLean Bars

IsaLean Bars

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If ever there were a product to help give you a much-needed boost and to keep your diet on track, IsaLean Bars would be it. Available in five delicious flavours, with 10 bars in each box, they are a nutritious alternative to regular sugary treats and empty calorie snacks.

Whether you’re an athlete, a busy parent, a professional or you’re on your new weight loss journey, grab a box of IsaLean Bars today!

Gluten-free options include Chocolate Cream Crisp, Lemon Passion Crunch, and Chocolate Decadence, while standard bar options are Nutty Caramel Cashew and Natural Oatmeal Raisin.

What is an Iisagenix IsaLean Bar?

Unlike traditional muesli bars, IsaLean Bars are designed to not only curb your carb cravings but add protein and dietary fibre to your diet as well. You can benefit from 18 grams of protein and two grams of dietary fat, all while ensuring you’re boosting your energy levels to make it through the day. Catering to gluten allergies, you can choose from two gluten-free options, or you can even opt for dairy-free IsaLean Bars.

IsaLean Bars from Isagenix are also low-glycaemic, offering premium levels of support for weight management, and maintenance of lean muscle as well. They have the added benefit of being rich in antioxidant agents, helping your body to improve your level of health, combat diseases, and illnesses, and repair damaged muscle and tissue.

Who can consume IsaLean Bars?

Whether you’re on the journey to weight loss, you’re a professional athlete, a parent or a busy individual, IsaLean Bars are the perfect addition to your day. Get a boost of protein, much-needed energy, and swap a sugary treat out for something that’s going to benefit your health. The best part is, one bar is all it takes to start building strength, muscle mass, and performance.

Key benefits and effects

  • Curbs carb cravings
  • Helps to build strength while building muscle at the same time
  • Improves your metabolism and digestive health with added fibre
  • A far healthier alternative to standard bars and snacks
  • Available in five delicious flavours

How does my body benefit from IsaLean Bars?

Eating one IsaLean bar gets the ball rolling for a much healthier way of life. By adding extra protein to your diet, you’re able to benefit from muscle development, recovery, satiated hunger levels, a faster metabolism and better blood sugar levels. As your body also needs what’s on offer, it’s less likely to store the calories as fat. Instead, you’re able to burn it by going about your busy day. The best part is, your body will thank you for cutting out a sugary chocolate bar for an IsaLean Bar.


  • Chocolate Decadence
  • Chocolate Cream Crisp
  • Chocolate Peanut Crunch
  • Natural Oatmeal Raisin
  • Nutty Caramel Cashew
  • Lemon Passion Crunch