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Unlike many supplements on the market that are aimed at improving one particular area of your health, IsaOmega from Isagenix targets them all.

Manufactured using high-quality fish oil from small fish in Chilean waters, the nutrition-rich soft gels in a convenient bottle are pure, safe, and most importantly, keep your heart and brain in premium condition.

Unlike many fish supplements on the market, IsaOmega also doesn’t leave a fishy aftertaste that can put a lot of people off consuming them. Masked with a fresh lemon flavour, you can enjoy the many health benefits, all without having to carry chewing gum with you everywhere you go!

Isagenix is also dedicated to sustainable fishing, and only uses fish found in unpolluted waters of the Pacific Ocean, using responsible fishing practices. This gives consumers peace of mind that they are just consuming fish oil from plentiful supplies.

Enjoy this omega-3 packed supplement and experience the many health benefits it has to offer.

What is IsaOmega?

When you’re looking for a product to combat joint pain and inflammation while benefiting your brain health, heart health and mood at the same time, you need IsaOmega. This Isagenix product is an omega-3 supplement that targets many areas of your body for optimum levels of health. It’s available in a bottle of soft gels and addresses your body’s deficiencies, one supplement at a time.

How does it work?

Our bodies need a substantial amount of omega-3, something that can be hard to gain in large quantities from our diet alone. Sure, you could choose to eat salmon for every meal, but this is bound to stop your body benefiting from other nutrients found in other ingredients. IsaOmega, which can be consumed in line with your current diet, contains two hard-to-find forms of omega-3 known as EPA and DHA. Much of what we find in our diet are short-chain omega-3s, whereas DHA and EPA are long-chain forms which we need for proper health and function.

Who can IsaOmega benefit?

If you’re not a big fan of seafood yet you know how beneficial omega-3 is, IsaOmega is for you. While it’s typically not helpful or needed for someone who consumes seafood on a regular basis, it is a useful top-up for anyone looking to fight joint pain, inflammation and the onset of degenerative conditions. IsaOmega is also beneficial for anyone aged over 40 who wants to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, arthritis and various other age-related diseases.

Key benefits and effects of IsaOmega Supplementation

  • Reduces the risk of degenerative brain diseases
  • Improves your overall mood
  • A source of high-quality EPA and DHA
  • Sustainably-sourced in unpolluted areas of the Pacific Ocean
  • No fishy aftertaste
  • Benefits your joints, muscles, and tissue